Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Beating Heart of Paris

data.pour.paris is a new collection of interactive mapped visualizations of Parisienne open data. The project visualizes data made available by the city of Paris and its transport networks (Ile de France Mobilités, RATP, etc.).

So far data.pour.paris consists of five mapped visualizations. These include an interactive map of all public streetlights in the capital (pictured above), the location and types of complaints filed to In My Street and an animated map which visualizes 41,700 runners competing in the 2018 Paris marathon.

One of my favorite maps in the collection visualizes traffic counts from June 2019. This map includes an animated option which allows you to view the traffic in Paris fall and rise every day during June. As the map plays through the data you can see the traffic get busier during the morning and evening rush hour and falling away at other times of the day, particularly around Paris' Périphérique ring road. In this mapped visualization Paris resembles a beating heart, with its roads delivering the city's lifeblood. Even though this map of Paris traffic visualizes different data it reminds me a little of Mark Evan's Commute Map, which animates commuters flowing in and out of U.S. cities.

I also really like data.pour.paris' real-time map of the Paris Metro. This map shows all the subway trains moving in real-time on a map of the Paris Metro. If you want to know more about how all these maps were made then you might want to explore the code behind the different maps on the project's GitHub page.

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