Monday, September 30, 2019

The Scenic Routing Engine

Sight Safari is a routing engine which will find you the most interesting and picturesque route between two points rather than the shortest route. Everybody has used Google Maps to find directions - which is great for showing you the quickest route from point A to point B. What Google Maps doesn't do is show you the most scenic or interesting route.

Sight Safari uses data from OpenStreetMap to provide routes which take you past nearby sights, parks, and other points of interest. It doesn't necessarily show you the quickest route but it does show you the most interesting. When you ask for directions using Sight Safari your suggested route is displayed on an interactive map. Points of interest along your route are also shown on your map and in the map sidebar. These points of interest also include links, where available, to the location's Wikipedia entry.

I particularly like the 'Circular Route' option on Sight Safari. If you share your location with Sight Safari it will generate a circular walk around nearby points of interest. Just tell Sight Safari how long you wish your walk to take and it will create a route taking in tourist attractions, parks, historic and cultural monuments and other places of interest. You can even filter the results by selecting the categories which most appeal to you. If you are interested in how Sight Safari generates these circular routes you can read an explanation at We Walk Around Wisely (in Russian).

Via: weeklyOSM

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David. said...

Every example I try (in Australia) returns, "No area found for these points"