Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Who's to Blame for Climate Change?

In 2016 countries around the world signed up to fight global heating. So three years later how well are individual countries meeting their individual targets to restrict climate change? You can find out using a new interactive map called the Climate Action Tracker.

195 countries from across the globe have signed the Paris Agreement on climate change. By signing the agreement governments have pledged to hold global heating to well below 2°C, and to pursue efforts to limit heating to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

The Climate Action Tracker rates countries around the globe based on how well their current pledges and targets are "consistent with a country's fair share effort to the Paris Agreement 1.5°C temperature goal". On the interactive map countries are colored based on how well they are meeting their targets. Countries colored black or red are the countries which are completely failing to meet their 'fair share' of action limit global heating. The worst performing countries include the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The countries colored green on the map are consistent or exceeding their obligations under the Paris Agreement. Currently the only countries colored green on the map are Morocco and Gambia. If you select an individual country on the map you can read its full profile. This profile explains in more detail why a country has achieved its individual Climate Action Tracker rating and how well it is meeting its targets under the 2016 Paris Agreement.

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