Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Geology of South Limburg

The Geology of South Limburg is an interactive geological map of the South Limburg region of the Netherlands. On the map different colors are used to show the different types of geological features which can be found in the region. The map also provides a guided tour and explanation of these geological features.

The dramatic geology of South Limburg has been formed over the last 300 million years. The geology has been formed by extreme climates, shifting continents and endlessly changing sea levels. The map provides a schematic representation of this geology and a detailed explanation of how the region has been shaped throughout history.

You can take a tour of some of the geological features which are found in the South Limburg region by using the 'vorige' (previous) and 'volgende' (next) buttons on the map. As you progress through this tool the map zooms in on different regions in South Limburg where you can find distinct geological features. The map sidebar provides a detailed explanation of the geology highlighted on the map and how this geological feature was formed.

The Geology of South Limburg is just a part of the much bigger interactive Geological Map of the Netherlands.

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Jules said...

Thank you for featuring my map! A minor quibble about the translation: I'd say the geology of South-Limburg is not that dramatic but the geological history is, the word dramatic may have shifted a bit too much in the translation, beside that the translation is excellent. Thank, Jules