Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Epicenter of Covid-19

No Epicentro is a brilliant visualization of the scale of the Covid-19 disaster in Brazil. 84,448 people have died of Covid-19 in Brazil. In order to try and humanize the sheer numbers of deaths from Covid-19 in the South American country No Epicentro creates an interactive map which shows you what 84,448 deaths would look like if they all occurred in your neighborhood.

The human brain finds it very difficult to understand very large numbers, mostly because we don't have a ready context for numbers over a certain size. So when we say that 84,448 people have died from Covid-19 we have difficulty processing the scale of this disaster. No Epicentro provides a fantastic way to contextualize this number by allowing you to see what this number of deaths would look like if they all happened in your neighborhood.

Enter your address into No Epicentro and it will draw a circle around your house showing the extent where 84,448 people live. By drawing a circle showing the area around your own home where 84,448 people live it is much easier to conceptualize the sheer scale of this number of deaths from Covid-19. This map obviously also brings the disaster much nearer home, which helps to humanize what could otherwise be a largely abstract number.

To create the circle around your home No Epicentro uses census data on the local population. No Epicentro adds census tracts around your home until it has a number close to a population of 84,448. There is a link to the complete methodology used for the simulation in the 'How the simulation works' section of No Epicentro.

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