Saturday, July 04, 2020

The US Flood Risk Map

The nonprofit organization First Street Foundation has released a new online tool that can tell you the current flood risk for your home and how that risk may increase due to environmental and climate change.

If you enter your address or zip-code into Flood Factor you can view a detailed report into whether your area has flooded in the past, the current local flooding conditions and the future risk of flooding. Interactive maps are used by Flood Factor to show the local areas most at risk of flooding and the severity of that risk.

The flood risk report for your area informs you of such things as the proportion of local properties at risk from flooding and the number of properties at risk due to climate change. The report also provides information of local action which communities can undertake to limit flood damage and lower flood insurance costs.

The flood model used by Flood Factor is based on models of flood risk from rainfall, overflowing rivers high tides, and coastal storm surge. It takes into account such as factors as flooding history, elevation and proximity to water. To predict future risk of flooding other factors are also taken into account, such as different climate models and predicted sea level rise and predicted future precipitation patterns in the local area.

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gbuckley said...

Official regulatory FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Illinois can be found here:

I noticed risk on this site, but NOT depth mapping showing up for my area of IL. Also, is there no ability to pan inside the map? Not sure why I cannot do this.