Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Panopticon State of America

The Atlas of Surveillance is an interactive map showing where law enforcement agencies are using surveillance technologies to spy on American citizens. The map allows anyone to see where their local police forces have been spending tax-payers' money on surveillance technologies and how the various types of surveillance technology are spreading across the country.

The interactive Atlas of Surveillance shows where police departments have purchased and are using surveillance technology such as drones, face recognition, automated license plate readers and predictive policing. The map is a joint project between the Electronic Frontier Foundation & the University of Nevada and the data for the map comes from a combination of crowdsourcing and data journalism.

You can use the interactive map legend to filter the types of surveillance technology which are displayed on the map. The map currently visualizes 5,300 different surveillance technologies which have been deployed across the whole country. If you select a marker on the map you can read more about the chosen police department and the types of surveillance technology which it owns. If a police department is not shown on the map it most likely means that it hasn't been researched yet - and not that it doesn't own any surveillance technology.

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