Tuesday, July 21, 2020

UK Population Age

The Office for National Statistics has published a new interactive map which reveals the average age in areas across the UK. The Subnational Ageing Tool allows you to see the average age in every UK local authority and visualize the regions of the country with the oldest and youngest populations.

In general the interactive map reveals that cities tend to have a younger median age than rural areas. Rural and coastal areas in the UK are more likely to have an older median age than cities. This suggests that cities attract younger people and that people tend to migrate away from cities to the coast and country as they get older. Overall the south and east coasts of England tend to have the oldest populations. On the other hand areas in London and Manchester have some of the lowest median ages.

Knowing the media age of regions is important for local authorities. For example at the moment authorities may wish to know where older populations more at risk from Covid-19 are living, in order to direct health resources. Conversely a more youthful population will show a higher level of demand for schools and other educational resources.

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