Friday, July 02, 2021

The Atlas of Hate

The Atlas of Hate is an interactive map which highlights all the local government authorities in Poland who have introduced anti-LGBT legislation. Right-wing politicians in many areas of Poland have tried to enforce their discriminatory ideologies onto their citizens by introducing resolutions declaring themselves free of 'LGBT ideology'. 

The red areas on the map highlight local government authorities which have enacted discriminatory resolutions against 'LGBT ideology'. Politicians in the green authorities have tried to introduce anti-LGBT resolutions but have been defeated and the yellow colored areas have seen right-wing politicians lobbying to introduce anti-LGBT resolutions.If you click on a local authority area on the map you can view the resolutions which have been passed (or rejected in the green areas). So far anti-LGBT resolutions have been passed by 92 local government authorities, covering 31% of Poland.

In response to the Atlas of Hate interactive map some of the local government politicians in areas as identified as anti-LGBT on the map have launched a string of lawsuits against the four map creators. These plaintiffs are claiming that they have been slandered by the map creators. The case is scheduled to be heard on July 20 in the city of Ostrołęka. Another case will be heard on July 29 in Nowy Sącz. The legal defense of the four map creators is being coordinated by the Campaign Against Homophobia, Polish Antidiscrimination Society, The Equality Sign Federation and Barabasz Lawfirm.

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