Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The UK's Most Dangerous Roads

Every year Ageas Insurance and the Road Safety Foundation release an interactive map which rates the UK's main roads based on the number of serious accidents occurring in the past few years. The Dangerous Roads 2021 interactive map uses data from the Department of Transport to rate individual road sections based on the number of serious crashes which happened on them from 2017-2019.

On the map road sections are colored to show their 'road risk level'. This rating is based on the number of "crashes resulting in death and serious injury" weighted by the amount of road traffic each section carried. The map also uses colored markers to highlight road sections which have shown significant safety improvements or deterioration (when compared to the period 2014-16). 

The section of road with the most improved safety record in the UK is on the A688 between Barnard Castle and West Auckland. This section of the A688 has seen an 85% reduction in serious crashes. Perhaps it is a result of people driving carefully to Barnard Castle while testing their eyesight.

You can also explore the UK's most dangerous roads on the Most Dangerous Roads in Britain map. This interactive map of dangerous roads shows the UK roads with the highest accident rate (although this map is using older crash data from 2007-2016).

According to this map the top 13 most dangerous roads in the UK are all in London.Using the Most Dangerous Roads in Britain map you can view the top 50 most dangerous roads (ranked in order in the map side-panel) or you can view the most dangerous road in each UK region. The map shows the UK roads with the highest accident rate. These are the roads with the highest ratio of accidents to the amount of traffic.The data for the map comes from the Department for Transport and covers ten years of road use from 2007-2016.

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