Monday, July 12, 2021

The SubTel Cable Map

The SubTel Cable Map plots over 400 in-service and planned cable systems around the world. If you select an individual cable service on the map you can view details on its length, capacity, and ownership.The map also includes a number of filter controls which allow you to explore the world's cable infrastructure by region, system supplier, system installer or owner. 

The map is created by the SubTel Cables Forum and is continually updated by using data from the SubTel Forum and the feedback from its users.Subsea cables carry telecommunication signals under the oceans, communicating information between different countries and regions of the world. In the 19th Century the first submarine cables were laid to carry telegraphy traffic. In the 21st Century submarine cables carry digital data, which includes telephone and Internet data.

Every year Telegeography also releases an interactive map of the global network of undersea telecommunication cables which carries our data around the world.The 2021 Submarine Cable Map is this year's edition of the map.

The Telegeography interactive map shows 464 cables and 1,245 landing stations. The map also features lots of textual information, featuring both cable trivia and answers to FAQ's about cable suppliers, content providers, fiber etc. For example - did you know that there are now over 1.3 kilometers of underwater cables around the world (if they were laid end-to-end they could wrap around the world 30 times). 

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