Thursday, July 08, 2021

The World of Music

It's time for you you to listen to somebody else's music and take a dance in someone else's shoes. The world resounds to the sound of music and it's time for you to sing along with some new songs.


We are going on a journey around the globe to discover some new sounds. And what better way to start our musical journey than with the wonderful Radioooo interactive map. Radiooooo is a fun global music map which allows you to listen to music from anywhere in the world and from any decade going back to 1900.

To start listening to music on Radiooooo you just need to click on a country on the map. You can then select a decade using the buttons at the bottom of the map. You will then be able to sit back and listen to a stream of music from any country & from any decade!


You can also explore music from all around the world on Radio Garden. From the Pacific sounds of Radio Guam to the Siberian tunes of Radio Sabir, this 3d map allows you to listen live to thousands of radio stations across the globe.

Radio Garden features radio broadcasts from hundreds of different countries all around the world. Just click on a marker on this interactive map and you can tune in to local radio stations which provide live internet radio streams. Radio Garden is a great way to explore the sounds of different cultures. It also provides an interesting insight into the broadcasting traditions of different countries.


In space everybody listens to Fetty Wap. So let's take our journey a little further and travel into outer space. is an amazing demonstration of the speed that radio waves travel in space. By taking you on a virtual journey into space also shows you how far your favorite songs have traveled out into the Universe.

Once you lift-off and begin your spaceflight away from Earth your wireless radio receiver begins to pick up the latest music being broadcast from your home planet The only problem is that the further you travel from Earth the older the music you have to listen to. Unfortunately those radio waves take a little time to reach you - so the further you travel from Earth then the older the tunes played on

What better way to explore the music of different cultures than by tuning into their local music radio stations. Drive & Listen allows you to virtually drive around different global cities while listening to the songs playing on a local radio station. 

Drive & Listen is a great way to randomly explore cities of the world. Just cruise those city streets while grooving to some local kicking tunes.

Choose a city from the many on offer (including Paris, New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, & Los Angeles) and then sit back and watch a video of a car drive around the city. As you drive a local radio station will serenade you with some great songs. You even have the choice to turn on some local street noise.

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