Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Magic Mushroom Map

The Liberty Cap mushroom (Psilocybe semilanceata) usually appears around late summer and early Autumn. I've already seen a few sprouting up on my walks around East London (probably because we have had a wet summer). Which may be why over the last couple of days I've seen a lot of people linking to the Magic Mushroom Map on social media.

The Magic Mushroom Map shows when and where magic mushrooms are likely to be in season. The map was created by matching the dates and locations of historical Liberty Cap growth records with information on habitat and weather. Using this data it is then possible to model when and where Liberty Cap mushrooms are likely to be in season.

The areas shaded red on the interactive Magic Mushroom Map are where the Liberty Cap is likely to be currently in season. If you buy a 'season pass' you can use the map timeline to discover when magic mushrooms are most likely to be in season at your location.

Warning: Magic Mushrooms are listed as a Class A or Schedule I drug in most countries.

If you are interested in foraging for non-psychedelic edibles then you can use the Falling Fruit or Mundraub interactive maps, which show you where you can find fruit trees and other edible plants.  


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