Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Singapore 2030

Land is scarce on the small island city-state of Singapore. To ensure that this limited resource is exploited to the full the authorities have developed meticulous long-term development plans. These plans include a number of major infrastructure projects designed to boost the economy, provide housing and protect the environment.

The Straits Times has released a very impressive scrollytelling map which shows you how the city-state plans to develop over the next decade.As you scroll through Singapore 2030 an interactive 3D map flies over the island of Singapore taking you on a tour of some of the country's planned developments. A combination of this 3D map and artists' impressions of the planned projects provide the reader with a detailed view of how the developments will change the landscape of Singapore. 


The seamless 3D panning map in Singapore 2030 is another wonderful achievement by the graphics team at the Straits Times. Over the last few years this team has created some awesome spatial visualizations. 

One of my favorites of their previous work is 'Singapore Underwater'. Almost 20% of Singapore is reclaimed land. The country is therefore very worried about the likely effects of rising sea levels. In order to illustrate the possible impact of sea level rise back in 2018 the Straits Times released a virtual reality visualization called Singapore Underwater.

Singapore Underwater users virtual reality to show how Singapore might look in the future if global warming leads to rising sea levels. Singapore Underwater explains the reasons why sea levels are rising around the world. The visualization also looks at how Singapore might try to mitigate against rising seas and the possible impact of land loss and saltwater contamination of the country's farmland & reservoirs.  

The Straits Times' impressive 3d mapping skills were also evident in their investigation into Who Owns Orchard Road. In 2017 the paper carried out an investigation into who owns the buildings on Singapore's most famous shopping street. Who Owns Orchard Road? explores the diverse ownership of individual buildings on the city's main retail street. The article is illustrated with an impressive 3D mapped visualization of the street.

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