Monday, September 06, 2021

The Human Slavery Map

It is estimated that around 40.3 million people around the world are currently living in slavery. The Freedom Map uses data from the 2018 Global Slavery Index to map the prevalence of slavery in countries around the world.

Individual countries on this Global Slavery Map are colored to show the modern levels of slavery. The map also contains a number of map markers which link to 'Field Reports' on specific examples of slavery in countries around the globe. The map sidebar is also very informative as it lists global products which are often produced using the forced labor of slaves. This sidebar also provides an overview of the products manufactured in individual countries which often involve slavery.

The Global Slavery Index rankings for individual countries can also be viewed on the Global Slavery Index's own interactive map. This map contains three main views. The 'Prevalence' view colors countries on the estimated number of people living in slavery. The 'Vulnerability' view shows how vulnerable a country's population is to slavery, and the 'Government Response Rating' ranks individual countries based on the steps they are taking to eradicate slavery. 

If you select a country on this map you can view more detailed information, such as the number of people believed to be living in slavery, the proportion of the population in slavery, and a ranking for the individual government's response to modern slavery.

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