Thursday, September 09, 2021

The Sounds of Caracas

Caracas can be a very noisy city. It's streets are full of the sounds of busy traffic, of cars and motorcycles zooming by. The streets are also full of the sounds of the city's inhabitants talking, playing music and going about their everyday business. Listen carefully and you may even hear some sounds of nature, made by dogs, frogs and crowing roosters.

You can experience the various soundscapes of Venezuela's capital for yourself on Valeria Escobar's Caracas Soundscape interactive map. Valeria's map allows you to actually listen to the different sounds which can be heard in the city's different neighborhoods. It even allows you to experience how these soundscapes change and fluctuate during the course of a normal day.

One of the things I really like about Valeria's sound map is the use of colored audio contour lines to visualize the different sounds which can be heard in different parts of the city. If you mouse-over a neighborhood on the map then you can listen to all the sounds indicated by these different colored lines. The map sidebar explains what sounds the different colors signify. You can also use this sounds key to turn on & off the different categories of sound shown on the map. 

A timeline control allows you to listen to the sounds of Caracas during different hours of the day. If you press play on this control then you can listen as the sounds of the city automatically change to give you a taste of the different aural landscapes which can be heard in the city during the course of a day. 

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