Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Talking About Climate Change

Hopefully most people would agree that there has been too much talk about climate change and far too little action to stop it.More talking is planned for November, when world leaders will meet for the United Nations COP26 conference.

Despite the environmental disasters currently taking place a round the world I am not very hopeful that our politicians are suddenly going to acknowledge that the time for facing the difficult challenges ahead has arrived. So, although the time for talking should have passed decades ago, we cannot stop talking. We have to keep pushing the conversation about climate change until our politicians finally listen.

So we need to talk about climate change. You can join in the conversation about climate change by taking part in Talk Climate Change's 26,000 Climate Conversations. The goal of this campaign is to generate 26,000 conversations about climate change around the globe by 1 November 2021. To take part you just need to hold a conversation with somebody (it can be anybody you want) about anything at all related to climate change. 

If you want you can submit the details of your conversation to the 26,000 Climate Conversations interactive map.This map features information about climate change conversations which have taken place around the world. If you want inspiration for your own climate change conversations then you can browse this map for topic ideas and conversation starters. Conversations can also be submitted to the map in any language and (if you want) can be submitted anonymously.

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