Friday, December 10, 2021

Civilian Casualties in Gaza

Airwars is an interactive map which documents where civilians were killed in Israel and Palestine during the May 2021 war in Gaza. From the 6th to the 21st of May this year the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict erupted into violence, with both sides launching airstrikes. On 21st May a ceasefire brought to an end the use of airstrikes by both sides.

In May somewhere between 151 and 192 civilians were killed by Israeli military actions in Gaza. 10 civilians were also killed in Israel by rockets fired by Palestinian militants. Airwars has analyzed every Israeli and Palestinian airstrike launched during the 11 day war in order to assess and verify claims of civilian non-combatant casualties resulting from these missile attacks. 

The interactive map of the civilian casualties in Gaza uses height and color to visualize the number of deaths resulting from Israeli airstrikes in each Palestinian neighborhood. If you select a neighborhood on the map you can view data on the number of airstrikes which fell on the area during the conflict and the number of civilians who were injured and killed by the Israeli attacks. The map sidebar also shows photographs of the damage caused by these airstrikes and, where available, photographs of the civilian casualties.

The link at the top of this post is to the Airwars map of civilian casualties in Gaza. There is also an Airways interactive map of the 10 Civilian Casualties from Palestinian Military Action in Israel

In order to create both maps Airwars has compiled a comprehensive database of civilian deaths. The map and database are available in English, Arabic and Hebrew. The data includes geographical information of the civilian deaths, photographic & documentary evidence, and related military reports.

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