Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Mapping the Weather Around Me

I'd quite like to get out of London for New Year's Eve. Consulting WhereTo shows me that many of the cities within a 200km drive from London are expecting rain on New Year's Eve and /or New Year's Day. Birmingham and Bristol are forecast rain on both days. Coventry and Leicester are forecast rain on New Year's Eve, and Southampton and Portsmouth are forecast rain on New Year's Day. 

If I want to avoid the rain this weekend then I need to head to Reading or Nottingham. These are the only two cities within a 200km radius currently forecast to have no rain on either New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. 

If you are thinking of taking a mini break in the next week then you can also use WhereTo to find the city with the best forecast weather within a defined distance of any location. WhereTo is an interactive map which allows you to check the weather forecast in the largest cities within a given radius of the location of your choice. 

Click on the WhereTo interactive map and it will find the ten biggest cities in a radius around that location. The map sidebar will then display the weather forecast in those cities for the next eight days. A slider control at the top of the map sidebar allows you to adjust the size of the radius within which you wish to search. WhereTo uses the Openweathermap API to display weather on a Leaflet.js interactive map. You can explore the mechanics of WhereTo in closer detail for yourself on the map's GitHub page.

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