Friday, December 03, 2021

The 30 Day Map Challenge Round-Up

This year over 9,000 maps were posted on Twitter under the #30DayMapChallenge tag. The 2021 30DayMapChallenge came to an end with the end of November. This year maps were posted in 32 different languages from countries all over the world. 

You can view a huge map wall featuring screenshots of all 9,036 maps posted to Twitter this November on the 30DayMapChallenge-Bot GitHub repository. The 30DayMapChallenge-Bot repository also features: a bar chart (showing the number of maps submitted for each day of the challenge), data on the most favorited Tweets for each daily challenge, and a map showing the locations around the world where people submitted maps from.

The 2020 30 Day Map Challenge Map Gallery

If you are interested in viewing the maps submitted as part of last year's 30 Day Map Challenge then you can refer to the 2020 Map Gallery. David Friggens' map gallery allows you to explore last year's maps by the day submitted, by type of map and by the tools used to create each map.

The 30DayMapChallenge also now has its very own official website. The website features the official categories for each day's challenge in 2021. It also features a very useful resources guide with links to handy data resources and map creation tools which can be used for creating maps. The 30DayMapChallenge website also has a number of links to map tutorials and to other collections people have curated from maps submitted to the 30DayMapChallenge.

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