Saturday, December 11, 2021

Movie Maps

Earlier this week Vulture published an interactive map of over 50 New York locations which have featured as iconic movie locations. An Interactive Map of NYC Filming Locations features locations across New York City which have featured in films such as The Godfather, King Kong, You've Got Mail and John Wick. 

The map is a Google My Map so it doesn't include any fancy features - such as being able to search the map by movie name. To navigate the map you just need to click on one of the numbered New York locations to discover which famous movies have been shot there. The Vulture article accompanying the map includes more information about the 62 locations starring on the map and the movies in which these locations have featured.

In California the San Francisco Film Commission maintains a database of all the filming locations of movies shot in the city since 1924. Anyone can create an interactive map from the Film Locations in San Francisco data (DataSF). 

ABC7 News published their San Francisco Film Locations map earlier this year so it is fairly up-to-date. This interactive map includes the locations of some of the most famous films shot in San Francisco, including the amazing car chases from Bullitt, and Hitchcock's Vertigo. Unfortunately this map also doesn't include a search option so you can't easily discover which locations were used in specific films. However you can use the map to zoom in on your favorite San Francisco locations in order to discover which movies were shot near by. 

You can discover more filming location interactive maps using the Maps Mania moviemaps tag.

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