Tuesday, April 19, 2022


Explordle is a fun geography game which requires you to identify the correct locations shown in a YouTube video. It is kind of like a game of GeoGuessr - except it is played with a video rather than Google Street View. 

The rules of Explordle are very simple. You are shown a video of a random location and all you have to do is pick the correct location from a choice of four. After you have made your guess (whether right or wrong) you can view the actual location of the video on an interactive map. 

What makes Explordle a little harder (for non-Chinese speakers) is that the answers are given in Chinese. This isn't a problem if you use Chrome with Google Translate turned on. In other browsers you can get around any language problems by clicking on the map icon next to each multiple-choice answer (in order to view a map of the location).

If you really can't be bothered playing in Chinese then you could try 'City Guesser' instead. This is an almost identical game - but it is in English. 

Just like Explordle City Guesser is a fun location guessing game, which requires you to identify a location in a video. To play you just need to point to the location depicted on an interactive map. The game shows you a random video of  a location somewhere in the world. You have to pick up on the visual clues in the video (such as the languages & words used in street signs and the design of the street furniture) to identify where you think the video was shot. Once you have made your guess you just need to click on an interactive map and you are awarded points based on how close you got to the location in the video.

Both City Guesser and Explordle (like GeoGuessr) require you to pick-up on visual clues to identify the game location. I like all three games because they rely on a sense of place, requiring you to think about the unique qualities that make a place what it is.

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vince said...

Is it possible to get a score better than 3? In other words, if I know the city right away, must I still have the guess the continent and country first? I wish there was a way you could write in the correct answer.