Monday, April 18, 2022

What Two Numbers?

A mysterious new website is causing confusion around the world. Visit What 2 Numbers and you are presented with two seemingly random numbers. 

What is truly spooky is that I have found that if you cut and paste the two numbers presented into Google then you will be shown a map revealing your current location. Eerie!

On a completely unrelated note I really like this xkcd explanation of Coordinate Precision:

If this chart is correct then a coordinate number with five decimal points is accurate to a 'specific person in a room'. 

In other news the controversial global addressing system what3words continues to encourage criticism and parody sites in equal measure. Some of the most popular parodies of what3words include what3emojis and my own WTF (what2figures). In the past there has also been what3pictures and what3pokemon (both no longer exist).

Another popular parody of what3words was what3fucks - which could identify any location on Earth using just three swear words. Unfortunately what3fucks no longer works. But don't be alarmed at the demise of what3fucks - because you can use Four King Maps instead. This global addressing system can create a unique four swear word address for any location in the UK & Ireland (OK - it isn't really global).

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Birdog357 said...

Considering the first thing that website does is request you location data, why is it spooky that the numbers are your coordinates?