Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Las Vegas Building Age Map

Las Vegas was founded in 1907. During the early years of its existence the city had a relatively small population. In 1930, one year before gambling was legalized, the population was 5,165. The city now has a population of over 640,000. Over the last one hundred years a lot of new buildings have had to be built in order to accommodate Las Vegas' expanding population and industry.

You can explore this development of Las Vegas building stock for yourself on the Las Vegas Review's interactive Las Vegas Building Age Map. On this map every building in Las Vegas is colored to show its year of construction. As the Las Vegas Review notes the city's building age map resembles the building age maps of many other cities, with the "oldest real estate ... largely concentrated in centrally located areas, while newer buildings are in its outer rings".

The buildings on the Las Vegas Building Age Map are colored in 20 year stages. The color-key itself is interactive, which means you can click on an individual color on the key to highlight on the map only those buildings which were constructed in the selected 20 year period. You can also click on individual buildings on the map to see their exact year of construction.

You can explore how other cities around the world have developed over time using their own building age maps. Here are a few building age maps for other cities around the world:


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