Friday, April 15, 2022

Movie Maps

a lot of movies have been set in Chicago

A very good friend of mine will soon be moving from the UK to live in Visalia, California. In preparation for the move I thought it might be fun to watch a movie set in Visalia. I therefore looked up the city on Wikidata's the Narrative Locations of Movies Map.

Larry Clark's controversial movie 'Ken Park' seems to be the only movie that was ever set in the city of Visalia. The only other time that Visalia seems to have appeared in the movies is when the name of the city was briefly seen written on a truck door in 'Big Trouble in Little China'.

It is a shame my friend isn't moving to Chicago. The Narrative Locations of Movies Map shows a lot of movies have been set in the Windy City.  

According to the Film Map of the World the most popular film set in Chicago might be Suicide Squad. The Film Map of the World shows the 10 most Wikipedia'ed films which are set in every country in the world. On the map the ten biggest cities (or highest mountains / point of interests) in each country are labelled to show one of the ten most popular movies which were set in that nation.

You can use the map to find the name of popular films made in the largest cities around the world. Some films are set in more than one location so they may appear in more then one country or city on the map. The top ten films in each country were determined by the average daily number of views of the film's entry on Wikipedia between 2015 and 2019.

The Narrative Location of Movies Map was made with Wikidata. Here is the query which was used to make the map. Of course using the Wikidata Query Service we aren't limited to searching for movies set in our favorite locations. This map shows the Narrative Location of Books and this map shows the Narrative Location of Novels (unfortunately the narrative locations of books and novels hasn't been as well documented on Wikidata as has the narrative location of movies).

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