Friday, September 09, 2022

America's New Climate Change Map

The government yesterday launched a new website designed to help Americans face the challenges of extreme weather and other hazards arising from climate change. The new Climate Mapping for Resilence portal provides real-time information on climate related hazards currently effecting the United States and also information which can help will communities, cities and states states plan for the future impacts of global heating and climate change.

The home page of the new U.S. climate mapping portal features a prominent interactive dashboard which maps climate related hazards in real-time. This dashboard provides a count of the current number of wildfires, the number of people in the United States currently experiencing drought, and the number currently affected by flooding alerts. The accompanying map shows the locations of these wildfires, droughts and floods.

As well as providing detailed, location-specific data about climate threats, the Climate Mapping for Resilence portal provides information and tools to help communities prepare and respond to climate emergencies. An Assessment Tool can help communities plan for climate change by providing information at the census tract level about the likely future impacts of heat, drought and flooding. The portal also contains information and links to the federal data, programs, and funding opportunities that are available to support communities in their preparations for future extreme climate events.

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