Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The First Summer of the Rest of Your Life

If you thought that this summer was hot then you were right. During the course of this summer over 7,000 daily temperature records were smashed in the United States. You can find out when and where on a new interactive map released by the Washington Post.

The animated map in the Post's Maps show where extreme heat shattered 7,000 records this summer show the locations across the U.S. where daily temperature records were broken from June 1 through September 7. Daily temperature records are broken when the highest ever temperature is recorded at a weather station on a specific calendar date. 

As you can tell from the animated map above the heat came in waves. You can also see that record temperatures were set in locations across the whole of the country. Heat-waves struck at different times in different parts of the country but no parts of the country escaped the record heat entirely. 

I would say that you should get used to this but unfortunately it is going to get hotter. Unfortunately, as a result of global heating, in the future you will be praying for summers with temperatures only this high. 

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