Saturday, April 15, 2023

US Level 0

My social media accounts have been lit up today by people posting their US Level and Europe Level scores. US Level and Europe Level are two very simple interactive maps which can score your globetrotting experience by awarding you points based on the number of states or countries you have visited.

Working out your US Level is very easy. All you have to do is click on each U.S. state and choose whether you have Lived, Stayed, Visited, Stopped, Passed, Want to Visit, or Never Been. You are awarded 5 points for having lived in a state, 4 points for having stayed, 3 points for having visited, 2 points for having stopped and 1 point for having passed. Your final US Level is calculated based on your total score.

The US Level and Europe Level maps were inspired by the original China Hegemony Generator. The China Hegemony Generator is a very similar interactive map which can give you a score for your travels in China based on which provinces you have visited.

If you truly are a global trotter then you might want to work out your Global Domination score. The Global Domination Generator is another map inspired by the original China Hegemony Generator. This time however you get to play on the world stage (country placename labels in Chinese). 

If you live in Japan then you might want to try the JapanEx version of this popular new format instead. While travelers in the Philippines can work out their My Philippines Travel Level.

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