Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Mapsaws - Jigsaws Made from Maps

Jigidi is a free online jigsaw game. On Jigiidi you can choose to play thousands of online interactive jigsaw puzzles. If you join Jigidi you can also create your own interactive jigsaw puzzles. Many members of Jigidi have of course already made some fun jigsaw puzzles out of maps.

Here are three OpenStreetMap jigsaw puzzles for you to try created by Karlos. These include a 330 piece jigsaw of a map of the world, an easy 54 piece jigsaw map of London, and a much harder 600 piece jigsaw map puzzle of London. All three puzzles use OpenStreetMap maps.

You can find a few more map jigsaw puzzles on Jigidi by searching 'OSM'

If you enjoy map jigsaws then you should also like Jigsaw Explorer. Another website where you can make and play your very own online map jigsaws. The Jigsaw Explorer interface allows you to create interactive online jigsaws from any image. Which means that you can make your very own interactive jigsaw maps from the image of any map.

Here are some interactive jigsaws that I've created from maps in the David Rumsey Map Collection:

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