Saturday, April 01, 2023

The 100 Most Boring People in America

Who is the most unnotable person in your town?

I asked ChatGPT to find me the most unnotable people in America's biggest towns and cities. The results can be seen on my Unnotable People map. On this map the placename labels of the 100 largest towns and cities in the USA have been replaced with each town's most insignificant person.

Using ChatGPT to find each town's most unnotable person means that the map may contain errors. Because the people who are featured on this map have achieved very little in life it was difficult to confirm their existence. It was even more difficult to find out what each of these people had achieved in life (mostly very little).

If you want to know your town's most notable person then you should also check out Topi Tjukanov's Notable People map, or The Pudding's A People Map of the USA.


Anonymous said...

Jack Dangermond, the creator of esri, is in California. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Banned in Italy lol

Ken Kleinman said...

These folks are no longer unnotable, and thus should not be on the map.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. The most I've laughed since last April 1st.

Anonymous said...

You could rename this map the '100 Most Influential People in GIS' and I doubt anyone would notice the difference.