Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Mapping Car Parking Spaces in Berlin

There are 1.24 million cars in Berlin. If the average size of a car is 8.74 square meters then cars take up roughly 10,837,600 square meters of Berlin. In order to facilitate all those cars Berlin's streets need a lot of designated parking spaces. 

Tagesspiegel has mapped out the percentage of parking spaces on Berlin's streets by neighborhood. Their Berlin Parking Lots map colors each of the city's neighborhoods to show what percentage of road space in the neighborhood is dedicated to car parking spaces. If you hover over a neighborhood on the map you can also find out what percentage of the whole neighborhood is taken up by car lots and how that compares to the percentage of land taken up by playgrounds and green spaces. 

For example 26.8% of street space in the Wissmannstrasse neighborhood in south-east Berlin is dedicated to car parking. 2.8% of the whole area is dedicated to parked cars, while only 1.7% of the neighborhood is dedicated to playgrounds. 

If you don't live in Berlin you can find out how much of your neighborhood is dedicated to parking lots using the Parkulator interactive map. Parkulator is an interactive mapping tool which allows you to discover how much of your town is dedicated to parking lots, golf courses, brownfield sites, solar generators or parks.

If you draw an area on the Parkulator map you can choose to find out how much of that area's real-estate is claimed by parking lots (or golf courses, brownfield sites, solar generators or parks). Parkulator will also tell you how much housing or how many parks could be built instead on that same sized area of land.

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