Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Geoengineering Planet Earth

The Geoengineering Map shows the locations of over 1,700 geoengineering experiments taking place around the world. The mapped projects include experiments involving weather modification, carbon capture, and solar radiation management.

In response to global heating some governments and companies have proposed tackling climate change through large-scale manipulations of Earth's ecology. The Geoengineering Map created by by ETC Group and the Heinrich Boell Foundation refers to the "alarming expansion of geoengineering research and experimentation", so it is probably safe to assume that they don't support the use of geoengineering as a response to climate change. 

Despite this skepticism towards geoengineering I think that the projects are presented on the map in an objective and impartial manner. If you click on a project's marker then you can read a description of the project's aims, its ongoing status and who is backing the project. Under these details you can also read a summary of the geoengineering technology involved. For example if the selected project is attempting to capture carbon then the technology of carbon capture and storage is described under the project's details. 

On the map the different types of geoengineering projects are color-coded by type (weather modification, carbon capture or solar radiation management). The map sidebar includes buttons which allow you to filter the projects displayed on the map by type. The map also includes a date control which allows you to filter the projects shown by period (2000-2023)


Matthew Heberger said...

I clicked around the map a bit, and I didn't see much that was alarming. A lot of planning and modeling studies, some carbon capture, and a few things related to albedo (brighter surfaces to absorb less solar radiation and bounce more of it back out into space).

Now, when we're talking about dumping chemicals in the ocean or injecting particles into the atmosphere, that causes more worry. Of course, we do those things every day anyway, incidentally, in the name of the economy, not for environmental protection!

Anonymous said...

So if weather modification is happening why are we the ones supposedly responsible for changes in weather and climate? Government and their cronies are parasites to the people!