Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Funny & Rude Street Signs

The small village of Sandwich, Kent in the UK is just a couple of miles from the even smaller village of Ham. This street sign, pointing the direction to both towns, is one of the most photographed signs in the country.

In the USA there are also lots of intersections which have inadvertently funny or interesting street signs. For example, there's the Inyo / Butte intersection in Bakersfield, California. There's also a super Clark / Kent intersection in Buffalo, New York.

If you want to find your own funny intersections then you should use This fantastic website allows you to enter any two words to find out if any intersections in the United States have the entered two names. If there are will show you the location on a Google Map.

You don't need to use to find rude or funny intersections. Why not enter your name and the name of your significant other to see if you have your very own romantic intersection. If you do then you might even be able to find an image of the intersection sign by searching the provided Street View.

In the interests of reconciliation I was hoping to find a Trump / Clinton intersection. There doesn't seem to be one, however there is a Trump / Power intersection. There are also quite a few Clinton / Washington intersections.

Some of my other favorite intersections are:
Crooked / Strait
Easy / Action
This Way /That Way
Somewhere / Where Else
Klingon / Romulan

The possibilities are endless with If you find any more that you like then let us know in the comments.

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