Thursday, August 10, 2017

Transgender Laws and Persecution

The Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) project has mapped laws affecting the lives of trans people in countries around the world. The map allows users to better understand both the legal situation and the actual social application of these law in 126 countries across the globe.

If you select a country on the Legal and Social Mapping interactive map you can read a detailed overview of the legal, healthcare and social situation affecting trans people in that country. The map also provides an overall global view of the selected legal, health or social situation in each country.

This global choropleth layer provides a simple color coded view of different laws and social practices affecting trans people in different countries. The map uses red and green to show where trans people are directly affected or protected by legal measures. It also uses other colors to show countries where there are laws that specifically target gender-diverse/trans people but where these laws are no longer enforced. In contrast it also shows countries where there aren't specific laws targeting trans people but where prosecution occurs anyway without any legal basis or using other non-related laws.

The TVM also monitors, collects and analyses reports of the murder of trans and gender-diverse people across the globe. The Trans Murder Monitoring map reports on the results of TVM's monitoring of the homicides of trans and gender-diverse people in countries around the world.

The choropleth layer on this map shows the number of trans people murdered in each country. If you hover over a country you can view the total number of recorded homicides of trans people in that country. If you click on a country you can read a detailed breakdown of the legal, social and health care situation affecting trans people in that country.
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