Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wake to the Sounds of Nature

Wake each morning to the sounds of nature with the EcoAlarm. The EcoAlarm will gently wake you every morning using specially recorded sounds from some of the world's most natural environments. As you wake to the sounds of water flowing and birds singing you will also be helping to save the forests of Argentina.

EcoAlarm is an alarm clock application that wakes you using the sounds of the world's forests. It uses one of nine natural soundscapes which is played via Spotify. This means that as you wake you are also helping to generate royalties to save Argentinian forests.

To show how EcoAlarm is helping endangered ecosystems the app's developers, the Banco de Bosques Foundation, has also created a global dashboard. This dashboard shows the number of alarm calls made by EcoAlarm and the amount of forest that has been protected by the Banco de Bosques Foundation. The dashboard also includes an interactive 3d globe created with HTML5 and ThreeJS. You can click on the green markers on the globe to view the current time in that city. When you select a city on the globe you can also listen to one of the nine natural soundscapes recorded for EcoAlarm.

The EcoAlarm app is available from Google Play and iTunes.

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