Monday, August 07, 2017

When Was Indianapolis Built?

This When Was Indianapolis Built interactive map shows the age of construction of buildings in the city of Indianapolis. The color of the building footprints on the map show the year of build.

The map shows the geographical distribution of the age of buildings in Indianapolis. The accompanying bar chart visualizes the temporal distribution of construction in the city, showing the number of buildings built in each decade since 1900. Judging by this chart the 1950s were a major period of expansion in Indianapolis, with other busy periods of construction being in the 1990s and the 2000s.

The smaller bar charts show the number of buildings built in each decade in each Indianapolis neighborhood. This means that you can see when major construction took place in each neighborhood. Referring back to the map we can see that a significant number of the oldest buildings in Indianapolis are in the center of the city. As you radiate out from the city center the buildings tend to get younger, with the most new builds being in the city suburbs.

The same developer has created a similar building age map for Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metro. This map is also accompanied by interesting bar charts showing how many buildings were built in each decade, in the whole city and in individual neighborhoods.
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