Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Find a Hotel in the Best Part of Town

Avuxi is a great new hotel finding and booking search engine that allow users to quickly visualise the most popular areas and venues in town.

Avuxi plan to offer global coverage and you can already see how the site will work with their initial launch of a hotel search map for Barcelona. Using Avuxi it is possible to view heat maps of the areas in Barcelona with the most restaurants, bars & clubs, or shops. It is also possible to view a heat map of the most photographed locations.

Using the heat maps it is therefore possible to view the area of Barcelona that will most appeal to you based on your own tastes. If eating out is important to you then you can quickly visualise on the Google Map the best place to stay with great nearby restaurants. If bars and clubs are more your scene then you can use the map to find the most lively areas of town.

Hotels are also displayed on the map and if you mouse-over a hotel map marker you can get a quick view of the number of stars it has and its nightly rates. If you click through you can compare the nightly rates across over 30 of the top hotel booking sites.So when you book your room you should be able to ensure you get the best price.

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AVUXI said...

Thanks for the post! :)

To generate the heatmaps, besides the density of venues in an area (e.g. restaurants etc), we also take into consideration the popularity score of each venue. So, within a busy area with many places it's also possible to visualize the popular "hotspots".

Because these values fluctuate, our service helps to keep up on the latest trends. For ex. next time you travel to a city you visited a year ago, you will find the up-to-date hotspots :)