Friday, February 08, 2013

Some Friday Fun with Google Maps

xkcd: Expedition

This week xkcd featured a funny Google Maps related comic strip. I think quite a few of us identify with the idea of getting lost in Google Maps.

There is also a little Easter egg on the original strip. If you click on the original image on xkcd you get taken to Google Maps.

If you do click on the image and go to Google Maps remember real virtual explorers don't cheat by using the scroll wheel.

If you do want to get lost on Google Maps then you should head straight to Parvis de Saint-Gilles in Brussels on Street View.

Somehow Google has managed to splice together three seaprate images into one shot in this Street View image. Either that or Google has managed to capture some kind of rupture in the space-time continuum.

The Latest in Cat Hat Fashion

Meanwhile, over in New York, Street View has managed to capture the latest in hipster cat hat fashion.

I'd tempted to say that wearing this hat will leave you feline purr-fect.

But I really shouldn't. Instead I will just leave you with this cat wearing a hat link from Vanished Americana.

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