Monday, February 18, 2013

Guild Wars 2 on Google Maps

Orrmaps is a Google Map for high level players of Guild Wars 2.

Players with a high level in Guild Wars 2 need to gather Orichalcum ore and Ancient wood to create weapons. These materials can be gathered in the Machlor's Leap, Cursed Shore, and Frostgorge Sound. However the locations of these materials in Guild Wars 2 changes every week and are different by server.

Orrmaps keeps track of the locations of Orichalcum ore and Ancient wood by server, and new maps are automatically created each week.

The Guild Wars 2 Interactive Map is another useful map of the fantasy world of Tyria used in Guild Wars 2.

Using the map it is possible to find dungeons, waypoints and other important locations used in the game. The map also includes an editing tool so that users can add and submit their own knowledge of locations used in the game to the map.

The drop-down menus at the top of the map allow users to add points of interest to the map in a number of categories. When users have finished adding their knowledge to the map they simply need to click the 'send for approval' button.

This Guild Wars 2 WvW Map is another Google Map of the world of Tyria used in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

The map follows a now familiar pattern for on-line game maps, allowing the user to view important locations in the game using the Google Maps controls. The map allows users to view the locations of Towers, Keeps, Supply Camps, Spawns, Castles and Orbs.

One nice new feature introduced by the Guild Wars 2 WvW Map is the ability to add weapons to the map. When you add a siege equipment to the map the range of the weapon is also displayed which should greatly help players in planning their campaigns.  

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