Monday, February 11, 2013

Google Maps Borders

We don't see enough Google Maps with interesting frames. Reclame Erfgoed (now sadly demised) imaginatively framed Street View images of vintage hand-painted wall advertisements with an actual image of a wall. But I can't think of many other great examples of framed Google Maps.

Design and Such have created a slide-show of interesting satellite images found on Google Maps. The Google Map's division element is creatively framed by a photograph of a man holding a canvas.

The map element is actually an interactive map and not a still image, so the map can be panned around and you can use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the map. The chosen satellite views are rather attractive as well. 

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Cantantes atractivos said...

That man is me! thanks for the post, people can actually add there own images to the gallery.

Thijs de Jong, NL