Thursday, February 14, 2013

Twitter Activity on Google Maps

Despite the ugly name Twaps is a useful app for finding what people are saying on Twitter around a specific location.

If you share your location with the app you can view the latest Tweets posted around you. If you want to find out what people are saying around a different location you can just enter a place-name in the search box to move the Google Map to that location.

Twitterfall is an interesting map visualisation of real-time geolocated Tweets being made around the world.

When anyone sends a Twitter message a map marker will fall onto the Twitterfall Google Map. The map is therefore an interesting visualisation of current Twitter activity around the world. However, as the markers begin to accumulate on the map, you might see some drop in performance.

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Kurt said...

One Million Tweets does the same thing using Maptimize

And so does Bing