Saturday, December 23, 2017

Airport Traffic at Christmas

Esri has released a series of animated maps to visualize the incredible amount of holiday traffic around major airports. Passengers traveling through airports over the next few days could experience long wait times and delays. The communities around America’s biggest airports are also impacted this time of year as millions of people travel to and from America's busiest airports.

Using historical traffic data from HERE, Esri has analyzed traffic trends from the past three years for December 23rd (a peak travel day). The Holiday Travels Story Map shows how far you can drive in an hour from America’s five busiest airports during the holiday season. The map uses animated maps to show how the amount of traffic changes around LAX, DFW, ORD, ATL, and JFK throughout one 24-hour period before Christmas.

How Holiday Travel Affects Traffic around America’s Busiest Airports also visualizes how far you can drive in an hour from America’s five busiest airports. It looks in a little more detail at holiday traffic around airports in each city. This map also allows you to view the live traffic conditions for the whole US, as well as each city and airport.

Tour Holiday Traffic around America’s Busiest Airports shows how the temporal nature of traffic affects how far you can drive in an hour from each of America’s five busiest airports.

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