Friday, December 22, 2017

Catalan Regional Election Map

Pro-Independence parties in Catalan have just held on to a slim majority in a snap regional election. The election was called by the Spanish government who were hoping that the pro-unionist Citizens party would be able to defeat the secessionists. The Citizens party did pick up the most seats (37) of any single party but the three separatist parties between them picked up 70 seats in the regional parliament.

La Vanguardia has published an interactive map of the Catalan Regional Election, showing the winner in each municipality. The color of each municipality on the map indicates the party with the most votes:

Yellow - Republican Left of Catalonia (pro-independence)
Blue - Junts per Catalunya (pro-independence)
Red - Socialists' Party of Catalonia (pro-independence)
Orange - Citizens (pro-Unionist)

If you select an area on the map you can view the number & percentage of the votes won by the leading party and the number & percentage of votes picked up by the second most popular party in each municipal area. La Vanguaridia's map shows the results by municipal area rather than by electoral area. This tends to portray a distorted picture of the overall results (which is perhaps what the newspaper wants to do). However it does mean that you can view the most popular party in each town in Catalan.

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