Monday, December 18, 2017

Vienna Through Time

Urban Change In Time is a great mapped visualization of how the city of Vienna has changed through time. The site uses a combination of building age data and vintage maps to show how Vienna has developed since the 1600's.

To a large extent Vienna is a modern city. 42% of current buildings in Vienna were built after World War II. However around a third of Vienna's buildings were built in the Gr├╝nderzeit period (the decades preceding the great stock market crash of 1873). You can explore the present age of Vienna's buildings for yourself by selecting the 'buildings mode' on the interactive map. Just use the timeline below the map to explore which buildings were built in which year.

You can explore the vintage maps of Vienna by selecting the 'image mode' Just click on any of the dots on the map timeline to load that year's vintage map of Vienna.

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