Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Finding the Artistic Heart of Paris

Certain areas of Paris, such as the Left Bank and Montmartre, are synonymous with art and artists. However the artistic center of Paris is as fluid as fashion and the cost of studio and living space. Over the years Paris' artistic center has moved around the city, as artists have discovered new places to live and work

To analyze the evolution of Paris's artistic geography the Geography of the Parisian Art Market has mapped the addresses of art merchants in the city since 1815. The map shows the location of every 'picture merchant' listed in the Directory of Commerce between 1815 and 1954. Each marker on the map corresponds to a single merchant, an address and the date of the entry.

You can use the time line above the map to select a date range to view on the map. If you drag the timeline you can view how the addresses of art merchants have moved around Paris over the years. The map allows you to switch between the marker view and a heat-map view. If you switch to the heat-map view you can get a real sense of where art merchants have been most concentrated in Paris during different periods in the city's history.

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