Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Near Collisions in New York

Computer vision specialists Mobileye equipped City of New York vehicles with cameras which are able to detect the locations of pedestrians. Mobileye was then able to use these cameras to plot when and where City vehicles were in "near-collision events with pedestrians".

Mobileye has now teamed up with Esri to map this data in order to discover patterns and spatial trends in these near-collisions. The Mobileye and Esri story map introduces you to the project, explains some of the discoveries made into where & when near-collisions happened and also allows you to explore the mapped data for yourself.

If you scroll through to the end of the Mobileye and Esri map you will find links to two other maps, a Point, hex bin, and street map and a Time of day and heading map.The first of these maps uses hex bins to visualize the number of near-collisions on New York's streets. It also provides a breakdown of the number of collisions by time of day for each location. The second map uses colored markers to show at what time of day the most collisions occurred at each location.

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