Wednesday, February 05, 2020

At Last - The Iowa Results Map

On Monday the New York Times published what it called The Most Detailed Map of the Iowa Democratic Caucus. Then for 24 hours the NYT had to suffer what I'm calling ' the most desperate levels of hubris ever', as their map, remained as blank as every other 'less detailed' map of the Iowa Democratic Caucus.

However the wait is now finally over. The Democrats have finally managed to count the Iowa caucus precinct results (or at least they have managed to count 71% of the votes) and the Times map finally has some of that much heralded detail.

The NYT's map colors each precinct by the vote leader. At the time of writing Pete Buttigieg has a slight lead over Bernie Sanders. Buttigieg has 26.8% of state delegate equivalents, while Sanders has 25.2%. The most disappointed candidate will probably be Joe Biden with only a worrying (for him) 15.4% of state delegate equivalents. The map also allows you to view the size of lead held by the leading candidate in each precinct using proportional colored circles.

You can view other (perhaps less 'detailed' maps) of the Iowa Democratic Caucus on the CNN and Guardian websites.

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