Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Exploring the Beauty of Planet Earth

The premise of Earth View is very simple. Earth View wants to show you the beauty of planet Earth by introducing you to some of the most striking images found on Google Earth.

Google's Earth View application and website is a showcase of some of the most beautiful satellite / aerial views of planet Earth, all of which can be found on Google Maps and Google Earth. This showcase includes more than 2,500 of the most beautiful views of our astonishing planet.

There are a few ways to explore the aerial images in Earth View. The simplest way is to simply press the play button and sit back and relax as Earth View automatically presents a slideshow of some of Earth's greatest views. Another way to browse Earth View is to select the 'Show Map' option. This allows you to select images by location from an interactive map. This map includes an amazing color filter control which allows you to find landscapes by the view's dominant colors.

The beauty of planet Earth can also be explored using Google Maps' Street View imagery. If you want a little help in exploring some of the beautiful landscapes captured by Street View then you might like these Street View based applications. MapCrunchThe Secret Door, Globe Genie and Random Street View are four websites that showcase some of the beautiful locations around the globe with have been captured on Street View.

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Greig Russell said...

I highly recommend the Google Earth View - Chrome Plugin ( Which presents one of these beautiful images in every new tab, just click the link to go to the location in Google Earth. Beautiful.