Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Where the World Wants to Holiday

Italy is the most popular holiday destination in the whole world. This sunny country full of history and art, surrounded by warm seas is, for some strange reason, the most popular country to visit for most people living in America, China, India and most of Europe. It appears that Italy has an almost universal appeal for people around the world when they start thinking about their next holiday destination.

You can view every country’s most searched for holiday destination on Travel Supermarket's new interactive map. Spain, Australia, Greece and France receptively make up the rest of the top 5 most popular holiday destinations in the world, according to price comparison website Travel Supermarket. The Where the World Wants To Go On Holiday map uses data from Google searches to determine the most popular holiday destination for people in different countries around the globe.

To create the map Travel Supermarket used Google's Keyword Planner to see the average monthly searches for the term ‘Holidays in X’ for 870 destinations. The map therefore shows the most searched for country for holidays. These search results are maybe not the same as the countries people actually end up visiting for their holidays. This might partly explain why Travel Supermarket's list of the most popular holiday destinations seems to be very different from most reports on the countries most visited by international tourists.

If you are more interested in the total number of tourists that really visit each country in the world then you can view the World Bank map of International Tourism. This World Bank map colors the countries of the world based on the actual number of tourists who visit each country every year.

According to the World Bank data Italy is in fact only the 5th most visited country in the world. Based on the number of international tourism arrivals France is the most popular holiday destination in the world. Spain, United States and China respectively make up the next four most visited countries by international tourists.

Travel Supermarket's differing results may partly be due to the fact that not everyone searches 'Holidays in X' before going on an international vacation. The very small search volumes that the map is based on may also mean that the Travel Supermarket map isn't particularly accurate. The minuscule sample size for each country used to make the map means that it is difficult to infer preferences for a country's entire population just on this data.

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