Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Where is Texas?

Texas is the second biggest state in the United States.

But do you know where it is?

Let's find out. I want you to draw the outline of Texas on this Where is Texas interactive map.

The Where is Texas map is the latest in my series of easy to clone & copy map surveying tools. Earlier this month I created a little map survey tool which can be used to gather data on whether people can point to a named location on a map. You can see that application in action on my Where's Null Island map on Glitch.

Last week I created a second map surveying tool which is able to gather data from users drawing a linestring on an interactive map. My Hunting Wales map shows this linesting surveying tool in action. On this map users are asked to simply draw the border between England and Wales and then save those lines to a database.

The latest, Where is Texas, surveying tool collects user drawn polygons. Users are asked to draw a shape on an interactive map and then that shape is saved to a database in GeoJSON format. All three of these map surveying tools are available on Glitch. You are free to clone and adapt these maps for your own surveys. To do this just click on the Glitch fish icon (which is displayed on each map) and click on the 'Remix on Glitch' option. All you have to do then is to edit the text so that it asks users to point on or draw the location of your choice.

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